Your brand is your company’s promise – it’s what you believe and what your customers are willing to say about you when you are not around.

A well-established brand allows you to engage with a wide range of people on many different levels and guarantees your message is meaningful, clear, and delivers what it promises. When managed properly, it can change the customer’s mindset and build a long-term relationship.
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At Juniper, your brand is where we start – whether we are developing a website or designing a brochure or creating content, we always work with the your brand in mind. We immerse ourselves in your business and understand you. We endeavour to be the keepers of your brand we want you to consider us as your in house design department.  We always: think, develop, and deliver
We can build your brand fro the bottom up. All of our brand strategies start with a proper and in-depth research around your business and competitors. We like to meet face to face to gather information, gain clarity, and brainstorm. We define how, what and why so that our strategy and direction aligns with your business goals and the requirements of the customer.
To stand out of the crowd, you need to know who you are completing with. We do an in-depth analysis of the competition and look into areas such as digital marketing, branding, website development and more. This is essential in positioning your brand effectively.
Your brand needs to have an impact! And a message that captures the essence of your business, and the value it offers to your customers. Your brand story should be able to grab attention and provoke an emotional response. We can create a unique slogan, tagline, value propositions, and an overall brand story.
We have vast experience in branding, designing, and developing websites. We have worked with several businesses of all sizes and solving problems for them. We can proudly say that our customers are always happy working with us as their partnered branding team, which is the one of the main reasons behind our high-customer retention.