The best brochure designs are…..

Brochures are an excellent way to market your product. But what makes a fabulous brochure design?


Determine your purpose

An excellent brochure design has a clear purpose. Is for general sales, a promotion, or for an upcoming holiday?

Know you brochure folds and formats

How your brochure folds and is formatted makes a different to how readable it is.

Tone of voice

How you speak to your customers in print can make a difference to how they perceive your product. Think about the type of brand image that you’re trying to cultivate. Ask yourself whether your tone of voice is suitable to your target audience. What impression does it make?

Your fonts

Your choice of font can make a big difference in how customers perceive you. Luxury brands tend to use either bold, blocky fonts indicating power and prestige, or curly, handwriting fonts, like Precious or Channel, indicating exclusivity.

Choosing your paper stocks

The feel of your brochure can affect customer decision-making. Choose textures wisely.

Using high res photos and images

Customers want to be able to see whatever you sell clearly. Make sure that you print all images of products to a high DPI, allowing customers to see features in detail.

Include a call to action

After reading your brochure, you should do something to prompt the customer to take action, whether it’s picking up the phone to talk to a member of your sales team or going to your website with a money-off code.