Lets improve how people use your website

Could poor user experience of your website be letting you down? Here’s what to do to improve UX.


Use white space

Whitespace is an essential element of effective website development. Use it to declutter your site, present only the most useful information to visitors, and improve the readability of text.

Optimise your page speed.

Slow loading times can put customers off and cause them to click back to search.

Use attractive calls to action.

CTAs need to be attractive and relevant.

Use hyperlink differentiation.

You don’t just have to link to other websites using text. You can also use graphics, icons and images.

Segment key information with bullet points.

Splitting up essential information helps visitors to better process information.

Use images

Research shows that you make yourself instantly more trustworthy by including images, helping business development.

Include well-designed and written headlines.

Your headlines are what grab attention. Make sure that they stand out. Avoid boring titles that don’t entice people to click through.

Keep your website pages consistent.

Inconsistent page design appears unprofessional and can confuse visitors.

Catch your 404s.

Website visitors can become frustrated when your site doesn’t show the page they want to see. Eliminating 404 errors is imperative.

Be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Site responsiveness is key to keeping people on your site. But if pages take too long to load, or if menus are slow, then visitors will go elsewhere. Visitors also expect full mobile functionality: they don’t want to have to switch between mobile and desktop versions of your site to get the service they want.